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Personalized proposals for your clients
Any bus company, any size
The right bus for your cliens
Confirm the request instantly
Tailor made responses
Pay less, Earn more, Move Fast
Friendly Forms
Fast Forward
Clients fill out their details fast
We calculate basic information like distance and duration, use this information to prepare an offer. You adapt where needed and send the confirmation email while keeping track of your details
Integrate feedback via email / phone
Integrate feedback in minutes, update your planning accordingly and inform planners, drivers and other stakeholders as you see fit.
Faster feedback increases sales
Tailor made personalized feedback taking care of details increase your conversion, while you spend less time behind your computer. You can even use your smartphone to mail an offer.
You drive your coaches - We drive your business
1 - Forms
We create beautiful forms to capture the wishes of your clients.
2 - Linking data
The clients' data floats into Coda and you link it to your resources (bus, drivers).
3 - Email proposal
You fill out a template in 30 seconds to inform your clients about your proposal.
4 - Planning
Confirm the (adapted) proposal in your system.
5 - Notifications
Inform and alert drivers, planners and clients automatically.
We care about your time. You contact us and we help you out.
easy to understand and transparant
PlusBus Building Blocks
What you see is what you get
Basic Bus Module
high client satisfaction,
happy drivers, more sales
The basic bus module permits to translate a request into an offer real fast and share it with the potential client via email in the languages of your choice.

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Additional services
4 - 8 hours set-up
Feedback from clients on your trips
EUR 10 / Month
4 - 6 hours set-up
Multi Language Lost & Found Management
EUR 10 / Month
4 - 6 hours set-up
Plan your TEC or De Lijn lines
EUR 15 / Month
In development
Follow-up Sick leave
EUR 25 / Month
FlixBus, PInkBus, BlaBlaBus
Basic Business Case
EUR 985 / Upfront
Sur Mesure Configuration
Additional Hours
97 Euro per hour

Efficient & Fast Bus Planning

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About Me
Background and bus expertise

Inside FlixBus, most of the processes and calculations took (take?) place in a spreadsheet. Not only the complex line planning, the settlements, but also evaluations, project management and much more. Excel is a great tool, but not for everything.

In 2019 I worked for FlixBus. A German company that convinces bus companies to invest in material (buses) and drivers to participate in a network of international lines they manage and promote. The settlements - as the 'invoices' are called - are easy to manage, however hard to understand for anyone not deeply involved in the FlixBus logic. The complexity partly derives from it's starting point, an Excel sheet.

All companies I visited used Excel sheets to manage their bus business. The FlixBus logic fitted their expectations. Nobody complained about it.

In september 2019 I got fired. It was true, I did not like the business case logic. The Excel files where not smart, used vague assumptions and lacked precision. Nevertheless the business development team was able to work with it and could convince companies to invest. Partly because bus companies did not understand their own numbers, nor the Excel file and used a rule of thumb that did not fit the FlixBus logic. Most of them underestimate the cost part of the business case. This only became clear over time. At the beginning nobody knew.

During the Corona period I became a expert. Today I bring this expertise into play to support bus companies. I help them to serve their clients better, faster and cheaper and to make smart decisions. is a doc with database like functionalities integrated. Data flows in, you click buttons to confirm and the rest is taken care off based on your preferences we extensively discuss before integrating.

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What bus companies say about our services
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  • The contact form that generates automatically a good understanding of the main ingredients (distance, duration, bus type, etc.) saves time and since we respond faster in a personalized way, results in more trips sold.
    Alex Williams
    Bus Company
  • Superb service, highly professional, and very friendly. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Even took the time to add extra functionalities relative to our (taxi) business.
    Ben Herzz
    Best Travel
  • Prompt, friendly and helpful.We finally can respond to people asking for their lost items in 4 languages.
    Tanya Sayo
  • I would highly recommend this solution. He knows all about bus companies as much as about internet technology. That is a rare combination. His vision on long distance travel helped us to decide on new investments.
    Sonya Mann
    Full service move
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
About Coda
Coda is a new kind of doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It comes with a set of building blocks that anyone can combine to create a doc as powerful as an app. We use our expertise to make your bus business run smoother and smarter.

Prospects leave their details, you get the data enriched with information about distance and travel time. We show the direct cost you can correct and adapt before you send an email with a proposal. It only takes minutes.

All the information you need lives at your finger tips in Coda.
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